The Story Behind Life Begins Here

Stages of Butterfly

What’s In A Name?

Life Begins Here Therapeutic & Counseling Services, LLC came to me after years of examining the life of butterflies. I remember when one of my best childhood friends was abruptly taken away from this earth; after her funeral at the burial site I continuously sobbed but I stopped after wondering why (what seemed at the time like 100) butterflies kept flying into my face. I wanted to scream at them and tell them to leave me alone so I could continue sobbing but then a warm feeling of peace came over me. At that moment I interpreted that feeling as a sign from my friend that although she had left this earthly realm suddenly, she was safe and her soul was happy. From that instant forward I had a new love for the insects and honestly became a little obsessed if I must admit so myself. Butterflies became my first love because of what I believed their life represented.

Go with me mentally if you will and think about the life of a butterfly (Pictures are to the left to assist with your mental imagery). A butterfly starts as a caterpillar roaming the earth on their belly, rarely being noticed, unlikely to be admired and as a result sometimes being smashed and never given a second thought. Many of us as humans can probably relate to that feeling of being unnoticed and over looked. Many people don’t know this but caterpillars (larva) have to grow and shed 5 different layers of skin. During this time the caterpillar has to eat a great deal of food in order to increase their strength to make it to the metamorphosis phase (building the cocoon). Unfortunately many do not make it. Those that do then search for the perfect place isolated away from prey to start this process. They spend hours meticulously preparing a silken anchor-hold where they will spend hours hanging from and transforming. Their life then depends on how well they built their cocoon and are hidden from prey. Which means they have to have faith (the hope for things unseen and the belief that those things will come to fruition) in their decision and move forward with the process. Hours later they emerge as a beautiful butterfly. Most people only see the beauty of these creatures in their later being and do not think about what they had to endure to get to their current state. Just as most of us do when we look at others who appear to have desirable traits and lives.

Just like the butterfly we encounter phases in our life where in order to move forward we had to shed a few layers to better ourselves. Those layers may be people, past baggage or even our own beliefs and fear that may have been or is holding us back from living the life we desire to live. At times in life we have been through and will have to go through periods of isolation during our transformation phase. We must be patient and have faith when we feel lonely, want to give up and are frustrated during this phase. Everyone does not make it through…just as the caterpillars. But those who do, emerge with a new found sense and love for self. A new confidence that no one can take from you again. Many of us, like the butterfly, do not look like what we have been through. And thank goodness because only the Lord knows, right?

So with all that being said, many people feel because of what their life may have looked like in the past or even currently, they can not have or do not deserve the beautiful life and authentic self they aspire to achieve. When in fact, which is evident by the life of a butterfly, it is never too late to live the life YOU want IF you are willing to put in the work and transform your mind! Many of us are alive but are not living. Hence the birth of the name Life Begins Here and my logo. Using myself as an example, I got tired of living for everyone else’s dreams and not my own. Being scared to take that next step and always just playing it safe. I shed those layers, left that negative baggage (i.e. “friends,” jobs, destructive thoughts), went into isolation to focus and strengthen my mind for my transformation and emerged as a new stronger me! Although it is not always easy during this transformation you too can start truly living today! No matter if you have been left hurt from past trauma, still healing wounds from a nasty relationship, have questions about “Why Me?,” suffered abuse (mental, physical or sexual), or you  may feel like you have been living a lie your entire life and you’re tired of wearing a mask… your life can truly begin here! Remember it’s not about finding yourself, it’s about creating yourself…Life Begins Here. Let me help you on your journey to your authentic self, you don’t have to do it alone. What are you waiting for? Call today to schedule your appointment to start your transformation.