I see heterosexual and homosexual couples during all phases of the relationship. Whether couples are just dating, preparing for marriage, married or on the brink of separation. I have several years of experience working with couples to strengthen their relationship and to help them achieve the goals they wish to attain for their relationship. I utilize the Gottman method with couples and I’m in the process of becoming a Certified Gottman’s Couples Therapist; currently I am Level 1 and 2 trained. I am also a Bringing Baby Home Educator and a Seven Principles of Making Marriage Work Leader which are both great workshops for couples. New workshops will be offered starting Winter 2019.

Individuals with Anxiety, Depression, Gender Identity Issues and Trauma related issues

I work primarily with individuals who have minimal to severe anxiety and depression that could have just appeared in an individual’s life due to a move to a new city, school, relationship issues or due to job related stressors, etc to those who have been struggling with it for years and it is affecting their day to day well-being or causing them to isolate or avoid certain activities/ situations that they once thoroughly enjoyed. I also work with individuals who struggle with gender identity issues by exploring the origin of these issues and assisting them with finding acceptance and thereby ultimately embracing who they are and not who others think they should be and in living life authentically. I work with individuals suffering from trauma to process, heal from and to reclaim their lives.

LGBTQ Community


PrintI have been an ally of the LGBTQ community for decades. I have personal reasons that connects me to this community and I cherish the relationship that I have developed with the community over the years. I understand some of the struggles this community in particular have faced and continue to face and I stand with the community to face these issues. Ultimately I believe people should be allowed to love who they love…Love wins!


HIV/ AIDS Community

HIV AIDSI have worked with the HIV/AIDS community for just over a decade. I am an advocate of this community and jump at chances to educate others about HIV/AIDS. I have attended conferences all over the country and even with the White House during President Obama’s term to advocate on behalf of the HIV/AIDS community. I assist clients who have been diagnosed since the onset of the virus/ disease, those who are newly diagnosed and those in between to cope with their new diagnosis and assist them with processing, acceptance, disclosure, compliance and simply embracing all parts of who they are.