We welcome all couples within any phase of their relationship. Whether you are just dating, preparing for marriage, married, or on the brink of separation due to infidelity, etc. Kim has several years of experience working with couples strengthening their bond and assisting them with achieving the goals they wish to attain for their relationship. She utilizes the Gottman method with couples and is Level 1, 2, and 3 trained. She is also a Seven Principles of Making Marriage Work Leader and facilitates these workshops for couples. New workshops will be offered starting Summer/ Fall of 2019. Check out our services page and look under Workshops to learn more!

Mommies, Mommy-To-Bes, Mommies with Newborns

We offer soon to be mamas, new mommies and mommies in general the mental health support they need to get through the beautiful yet at times mentally draining parts and phases of motherhood. Kim is also a trained birth doula and also knows first hand the mental and physical strains motherhood can place on women. Furthermore, she understands it is not an easy feat to balance multiple roles such as a marriage, (multiple) children and/ or a career, etc all while trying to maintain yourself.
To assist couples with navigating the transition and the challenges that bringing home a new baby can certainly cause, Kim will be offering Bringing Baby Home workshops in Spring/ Summer of 2019. Check out our services page and look under Workshops to learn more!

Individuals with Anxiety, Depression, Gender Identity Issues and Trauma related issues

We work primarily with individuals who have minimal to severe anxiety and depression that could have just appeared in an individual’s life due to a move to a new city, school, relationship issues or due to job related stressors, etc to those who have been struggling with it for years and it is affecting their day to day well-being or causing them to isolate or avoid certain activities/ situations that they once thoroughly enjoyed. We also work with individuals who struggle with gender identity issues by exploring the origin of these issues and assisting them with finding acceptance and thereby ultimately embracing who they are and not who others think they should be. Our goal is to assist clients in living their most authentic life and in reclaiming time that was stolen by the years the effects of trauma/ depression/ anxiety had on them. We work from a strength based perspective to help clients live their best lives authentically.