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Hey y’all! If you missed this amazing event, you’re in luck…click the link below to review the recording! This relationship webinar was sponsored by Bumble and JoyDay Movement and took place on Friday May 29th 2020. We closed out Mental Health Awareness month discussing navigating the ups and downs of dating and relationships and the mental impact dating has on us. We discussed everything from the 5 stages of relationships, communication styles, situationships, self worth, benefits of therapy and ghosting. We explored why people ghost and how ghosting affects the ghosted! Click the link below to check it out (Skip to 10:32 to get right to the webinar)!
Special thanks to Bumble Atlanta (Atiya Bloom) and Joyday Movement (Morgan Brittani) for sponsoring this event! 

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The Mommy Tribe: It Takes A Village

Motherhood is many things to many moms. It is one of the most important and hardest jobs there is. It can bring joy, immense love and purpose amongst other amazing things. After all, being able to hold the title of being a mother is truly a blessing. However, being a mother can also be met with states of depressed mood, increased anxiety, fatigue and it can alter everything and every relationship that existed previously. When a woman becomes a mother she is changed from her core to her outer being. Many people shy away from discussing this side of motherhood…leaving many to wear mask constantly leading to feelings of isolation and failure (“mom guilt”). This group aims to shed light on the unpopular truths of motherhood and create a safe space to discuss these things while also instilling hope. Having a community while traveling this road of life in motherhood makes all the difference. That is why our therapist Kim LO created The Mommy Tribe: It Takes A Village! We hope you will join our village!

WHO: THIS GROUP IS FOR African american mothers with children 6 years of Age or younger.

WHEN: TBD Take the survey to vote on time & Date here:

What: A 5 week closed support/ social/ process group.

Where: Virtual (Due to COVID-19)

Purpose: To create a safe space and community for mothers to discuss some of the unexpected truths, to process difficulties experienced after becoming a mother, to learn healthy coping mechanisms and to learn how to still make time for and embrace self within a supportive environment.

Cost: $35 per group. First and last group payment ($70) due to lock in your spot at registration!

If this group sounds like this would be a good fit for you please give us a call at 678-237-6540 or visit the contact page and let us know you are interested so we can schedule your brief phone interview to get you registered! We are so looking forward to creating this special space, community and sisterhood.

We will only be accepting six tribe members for this closed group to keep it intimate; so please be mindful that spaces will fill quickly!