“Seeking Therapy does not mean you are crazy…it means you are HUMAN”: Breaking the Stigma of Mental Health

Seeking Therapy
If I could tell you how many times I have heard people say having emotions and displaying them are a sign of weakness I would truly be a gazillionaire by now! I don’t even know if there is a such thing but you get the point. The stigma of mental health has plagued our country and our communities for far too long. Mental health should hold the same weight if not more as physical health. If we have a broken leg or a cold that lasts too long we go to our doctor’s office because we are worried about our health and we want to feel better…physically. However when we have been feeling down for weeks, months or even years we suffer through it. Or if we feel extremely anxious all the time or when certain situations present themselves and we ignore it. Or if we dealt with some trauma as a child that we have never been able to shake or that we keep having nightmares about and it has effected every relationship in our life yet we turn the other cheek and say to ourselves “get over it you were 6 yrs old.” Or what about if we have struggled with our sexuality our whole lives. You married a woman (or man) because that’s what society said you should do…but society has you living in a shell and wearing a mask that has caused you to not be able to live your truth and as a result you hate your life and/ or are forced to live in secrecy. I know it is hard to express and be our authentic selves because that means we have to be vulnerable. And being vulnerable is not easy; it takes courage to speak truth…our truth.
Can you imagine living a life where you were 100% true to yourself and although you respect your friends and loved ones views of you, you did not let that hold you back from living the life that YOU believe YOU should live? Or can you picture being able to take back over the driver seat of your life from fear, hate, anger, resentment and/ or depression? Or to truly forgive the person that wronged and took advantage of you when you were a lost and confused 12 year old child? What does that life look life for you….can you see it? Really try for a few minutes to take a few slow deep breaths and close your eyes and imagine your ideal life…how does that feel? You can have that life…but it takes some work on our parts that is not easy at first.
Holding on to these traumas and being ashamed to talk about them is killing our mental capabilities to experience true joy and happiness. It may sound scary initially to think about talking about or facing these things…because it is, but until we are able to talk about it, process it and find closure we will forever be unable to lead a peaceful and authentic life.
Seeking therapy does not mean you are crazy it means you are human. It is my personal belief that everyone should go to therapy at one point or another in life. I mean what other place can you go and talk about yourself the entire time in a safe and confidential environment free of judgement where someone listens to you attentively and can help you see things in a different perspective and gives you tools, advice and methods that will help you to implement the change you want to see in your life?! Hey, sign me up! Sounds great to me, right?!
As humans once we get past the fear of judgment and the fear of facing ourselves we are half way there.
Therapy can be a brief interaction, you can go as needed or you can go for years. Therapy can be whatever you need it to be for you. I know different cultural norms keeps us from wanting to talk about our business outside of the house however has keeping it in the house proved to work for you?
I will leave you with this my loves…if your entire life you have been trying the same methods to find peace and happiness and it has not been working; it’s time to try something different. You deserve to have peace in your life just like you deserve to be free of a cold that has lingered for weeks or healed from a broken leg. Take care of your mental health the same way you would, if not better, your physical health. Help me to break the stigma and see it as the normal part of life that it is. Try it at least twice. And understand that in order to have a fulfilling therapeutic experience you have to have a therapist that best suits your needs. I know this world would be a much better place if we all had our own therapist to help us along this journey of life. Sending you light and love on your journey to finding the courage to break out of your comfort zone and start on the path to living your best life!
Peace, Love and Light,
Kim LO

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