2017: The Year of Balance


Balance 2017

Happy New Year and welcome to 2017! 2016 was full of highs and lows just like any other year. Although this year we did have another presidential election and we lost a lot of greats in regards to the political and entertainment communities. In fact I spent my New Year’s Eve in the hospital with two of my loved ones who both had to have emergency surgery. That was tough! However despite the grey clouds I always tend to look for the silver lining in every situation. While in the hospital I got to spend quality time with my loved ones and although their road to recovery may be long they will gain some much needed quality rest. I challenge you to too see your silver lining(s) from 2016. With that being said, also while sitting in the hospital room I thought to myself in 2016 I ventured out of my comfort zone to embark on a journey I had always dreamed of…opening my own private practice after about a decade in the field. It wasn’t easy and to be honest it still isn’t but I can say it has definitely been worth it. The road that led me to opening my private practice was an ironic one. I had not planned on doing it at the exact time that I did but I took a huge leap of faith after being backed into a corner…and I came out victorious. At times we are faced with tough decisions…decisions where we are afraid to make the wrong decision so instead of making a decision we just stay stuck. This was me in early 2016. But after being in that corner several times I thought to myself “what do I have to lose?” I rather try and fail than never try at all was my thought process at that time…so I went for it. I know all of us have faced things like this before. And I want to encourage you to take your leap in 2017 and before doing so ask yourself, “What do I have to lose?” Start living for you and for what makes you happy. The happiest people I find are those who put themselves first.

Mentioning putting yourself first if I can be transparent with you, one thing that I truly struggled with in 2016 after starting my practice was balance. Many times it felt as though I was always lacking in one area or another. Or giving too much attention to one thing and not enough to the others. You ever feel like that? Because of that, I have decided the theme for 2017 for me will be Balance: Mind, Body, Spirit & Soul. For me this will include intentionally doing MORE meditating, exercising, reading, writing, taking risk and going on adventures, embracing friendships, spending time with loved ones and ensuring my self care comes first. I am excited just thinking about the results of what being intentional in my thoughts and actions can yield! I know for a fact this way of thinking works as I have experienced it first hand.

What will your theme of 2017 be? What will help to make you a better YOU for YOU? We can work together to accomplish these goals! Always remember YOU possess the power to transform in whatever way you desire. Doesn’t that make you feel amazing to know YOU and you alone have this capability? So let’s make 2017 great!

Sending peace, love and light your way!

Cheers to an amazing new year,

Kim LO 💜

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